Mold removal services

Mold can spread quickly and cause major problems.
It is important to stop the spread of mold as quickly as possible.

Excessive indoor moisture often leads to large mold infestations, and mold exposure causes allergic reactions, irritation, and respiratory issues among some people while others experience little reaction. The key to preventing mold is limiting moisture; however, if you have mold contamination, ACM Removal provides residential and commercial services to remediate and remove mold. Our professional work is accomplished using industry-standard, EPA-approved protocols to ensure that your project is completed safely and efficiently.

Count on ACM Removal for quick turnaround on site visits, proposals and professional work.

Our mold remediation process

Review inspection report and site (as needed) – We determine the extent of remediation required and prepare your remediation proposal promptly. Before we visit to provide an estimate for remediation, it is usually beneficial to have a third-party indoor environmental professional inspect the contaminated area and this is recommended by the ANSI Standard on Mold Remediation.

Removal and-or remediation of mold – We use proven work processes to ensure work is completed safely, which includes a sealed containment structure and negative air pressure system to prevent contaminated in adjacent spaces.

There are many different types of mold
ACM Removal does not recommend testing to determine the specific type of mold. Regardless of its type, the mold should be removed from a home or business.

Disposal – All waste material is bagged or wrapped to prevent cross-contamination, removed from the site, and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

Assurance – If verification is required, ACM Removal will arrange an independent third-party inspection to ensure the mold contamination has been eradicated and the area can be safely reoccupied.

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